Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass for Dogs & Pets

Cesar Millan introduces EasyTurf Artificial Grass for Dogs

Dog Care Facilities with Artificial Grass

Florida Dog Care Facilities

Residential Dog Runs

Florida Residential Dog Runs

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Dog-Friendly Grass with the Pedigree to Prove it

⇒ Artificial Lawn: The Perfect Pet Solution

Now, dogs on your property are NOT a problem!

EasyTurf artificial grass is K 9 approved for use in residential and commercial locations.

EasyTurf artificial grass is K 9 approved for use in residential and commercial locations.

  • No more damaged, bare or yellow spotted grass
  • Realistic looking and feeling for you and your best friend
  • No more dirty paw prints to soil carpeting, furniture or patio
  • Easy to identify and remove dog waste and drains fast

Turf of Choice for Numerous Pet Care Facilities

Chosen time and again due to its drainage and durability

⇒ Synthetic Grass Provides Lasting Assurance

  • Soft, cushioned play surface
  • Proprietary rinse-clean drainage technology
  • No chemicals necessary for clean up
  • Inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Safe, non-toxic infill
  • Year-round availability in all climates
  • Fertilizer and pesticide free
  • Dramatically improves water conservation
  • Unmatched fire retardant qualities
  • Up to 70% water savings

⇒ Artificial Grass: Designed for Performance in:

EASYTURF artificial grass is the most realistic, toughest and longest lasting, and drains better than real grass with our patented system.
  • Animal Shelters
  • Dog Parks
  • Animal Hospitals
  • Pet Resorts
  • Kennels and Boarding Facilities
  • Agility Courses
  • Dock Jumping/ Canine Aquatics Courses
  • Dog Shows
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Pet Stores

Create a comfortable and clean environment for pets to train, play and relax. Our EasyTurf synthetic turf is Engineered to stand up to daily, high traffic use in pet facilities. Even years after installation, EasyTurf artificial grass outperforms traditional sod and all other surfacing. It won’t stain, pick up odor or attract lawn pests, creating a healthier, pet-friendly environment.

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