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FieldTurf Artificial Lawn in Residential Backyard

FieldTurf Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

Lawn and Grass Solutions Provided by EasyTurf Artificial Grass

⇒ Durability

  • No grass loss from foot traffic
  • Always green and is unaffected by weather extremes
  • Wear is extremely minimal, natural grass can not compete

⇒ Ease Of Maintenance

  • Leaves can be removed with a leaf blower
  • Further maintenance can be performed with a push broom or leaf rake

⇒ Provides A Well Manicured Appearance

  • “State of the Art” translates to revenue growth potential for commercial installations
  • Nothing frames a home or commercial building like a lush, green lawn
  • No more worry of too much shade, improper irrigation and the numerous other problems that leave live grass in a less than desired condition.

⇒ The “Clean” Factor

  • Dirt, mud and grass cuttings being tracked across patios and into homes and buildings are a thing of the past.
  • People walking on FieldTurf artificial grass will appreciate the cleanliness as well (from residential homes to event lawn areas)

⇒ Increased Use

  • With FieldTurf synthetic lawns, you are able to utilize the turf continuously due to the surface resilience compared to natural grass.
  • No down time!

⇒ Elimination Of Pests

  • An EasyTurf artificial grass surface eliminates an environment for insects such as fire ants and underground bee’s nests. While we can’t guarantee that these insects won’t be onthe FieldTurf at some point, we do know that EasyTurf prevents them from nesting in the turf and eliminates the moisture-rich environment that they enjoy with natural grass.

⇒ Elimination Of Grass Pollen Allergies

  • EasyTurf synthetic lawns eliminate the grass pollens that typically bother people with breathing problems associated with grass pollen allergies, and dogs may be affected as well with skin sensitivity.

⇒ Rapid Drainage

  • FieldTurf’s proprietary MaxxFlow TM turf backing design allows for the fastest flow-through drainage in the industry allowing FieldTurf to drain and dry quickly without the worry of mold, mildew or odors. All other products are either hole punched or have a felt-like backing (both of which drain poorly). Holes get clogged over time and the felt-like backing products remain saturated with moisture (or dog urine) which will lead to mold, mildew and bad odors.

⇒ Artificial Grass Warranty

  • Backed by a true manufacturer’s warranty AND an installation warranty.
  • No competitor offers a better backed warranty than EasyTurf and AlternaScapes. I can provide complete details!
Lucky dog at home on FieldTurf artificial grass. Feels real, looks real, and designed for pet use. Awesomely drains, with no stains... Just green and clean.Residential Backyard with FieldTurf Putting Green. Each putting green is customized to meet your needs and fit in your desired space. No minimum and no maximum.Fake FieldTurf grass on front lawn of residential home. That's 15-20 years of no mow, just blow maintenance with no fading.Residential backyard with artificial FieldTurf grass. Save water, save on maintenance. Great for pets and kids too.FieldTurf Synthetic Lawn for BBQ and Kids Play Area. Looks real, feels real, durable with almost no maintenance. . . The Perfect Grass... Just Relax.Residential waterfront backyard with artificial grass. Helps pay for itself. 15-20 year lifespan with virtually no maintenance and no water.Waterfront residential backyard with FieldTurf artificial lawn. No fading and immune to salt spray and pool chemicals. The perfect solution.FieldTurf synthetic lawn in residential front yard. Beautiful curb appeal 365 days per year for 15-20 years. No Mow Maintenance.Artificial grass lawn by FieldTurf on side yard of residential home. Durable, looks real, and feels real. The perfect solution.FieldTurf synthetic lawn on front yard of home. Maximize your curb appeal and minimize your maintenance and costs for 15-20 years.Happy dog on FieldTurf grass at residential home. With our synthetic lawn you and your pet will have 15-20 years of clean, green bliss. No mow maintenance.Synthetic FieldTurf grass on residential front yard. Maximize your curb appeal and minimize your maintenance.

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