Median Strips & Storefronts

Retail shopping park with FieldTurf artificial grass will support heavy foot traffic, and saves money for years.
Retail shopping park with FieldTurf Artificial Lawn

The perfect, long term investment for having store frontage, and street medians look their best all year round. FieldTurf is ideal for gas stations, convenient stores, strip malls, outparcels and more! Always lush and green, 24/7/365, providing a professional, manicured appearance.

FieldTurf Synthetic Lawns for Medians, Islands and Storefronts

FieldTurf synthetic grass is the best artificial grass choice and the best solution for commercial landscape design. It is the closest alternative to a natural sod, grass lawn and is a far superior choice over other commercial landscape design surfacing, especially in high traffic areas, maintenance challenged areas, or with limited irrigation coverage.

⇒Advantages Include:

  • A water conserving, maintenance cost reducing, beautiful commercial landscape design year-round, in any weather!
  • Provides a clean commercial landscaping surface, keeping the indoors free of tracked in dirt and mud that generally accompany a natural, sod commercial landscaping lawn.
  • Greatly reduces commercial landscaping maintenance costs. There is no need for weekly or monthly lawn care expenses or other efforts to keep a natural commercial landscaping grass surface looking green.
  • FieldTurf artificial grass stays soft and beautiful in any weather, from extreme heat to extreme cold.

⇒The Ultimate Durability for Commercial Landscape Design

  • Commercial Landscape Design with FieldTurf artificial grass is engineered to last from 15-20 years. Traditional grass sod lawns can need to be replaced in as little as six months with heavy user traffic.
  • Advanced commercial landscaping UV inhibitors protect against fading and eliminate dry patches that can accompany a natural sod lawn.
  • Unlike natural sod grass FieldTurf does not provide an organic habitat that is conducive to life for common lawn pests such as insects, fleas, rabbits and gophers.

⇒Commercial Landscaping Grade Drainage

  • FieldTurf artificial grass includes a proprietary backing (MaxxFlow) that drains more efficiently than organic sod grass.

⇒Commercial Landscaping Water Savings Facts

  • FieldTurf reduces commercial landscaping water use needed by natural lawns by up to 70%
  • An average commercial landscaping organic sod lawn uses over 100,000 gallons of water per year.
  • With water rates on the rise a commercial landscape design incorporating FieldTurf artificial grass could save thousands compared to a natural sod lawn.

⇒Environmental Commercial Landscaping Benefits

  • LEED Credit Qualifying Commercial Landscape Design
  • Reduces carbon emissions from lawn mowers
  • Built-in weed barrier for commercial landscaping design projects
  • Eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies
  • Decreases landfill volume by using recycled car tires and recycled soda bottle options
  • No urban run-off into sewer systems or the ocean

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