Balconies & Terraces

FieldTurf artificial grass for balconies, terraces, patios and courtyards. Virtually maintenance free garden areas. Realistic looking and feeling. Your toes won't know.
Create a garden oasis on your balcony, terrace, or patio

EasyTurf Artificial Grass is ideal for turning your balcony, terrace, deck, rooftop or patio space into a nice, comfortable green space
with virtually no maintenance.

FieldTurf grass is engineered to be the most durable synthetic turf, best draining and and most realistic green roof artificial grass on the market.

⇒ Artificial Grass Benefits Include:

  • Balcony, Terrace or Patio Installation: Installs directly over any standard surfacing without nails or glue to create a soft, realistic grass feel and look. Your toes won’t know.
  • Safety: Creates a safe, eco-friendly green grass surface that you can enjoy year-round
  • Durability: FieldTurf synthetic grass is designed to withstand every climate
  • Soft, cushioned lightweight landscape solution with low infill options
  • Valuable Living Space: Transforms areas into comfortable green living space, providing you with your own garden oasis

⇒ Synthetic Grass is Ideal For Condominiums, High Rises, and Townhouses:

  • Artificial Grass on Patio Areas
  • Artificial Grass on Terraces
  • Artificial Grass on Deck Surfacing
  • Artificial Grass on Balconies and Courtyards
  • Also great for Green Roof, Rooftop Surfacing
  • MaxxFlow: Proprietary Drainage Technology – This proprietary backing exclusive to FieldTurf provides unmatched drainage capacity. Liquids flow through FieldTurf’s integrated MaxxFlow backing at rates ten times higher than other turf backings. Drains faster and cleaner than real grass.
  • 100% drainage with zero absorption
  • 100% permeable green roof, rooftop artificial grass backing eliminates the need for deodorizers and ammonia absorbing additives

We have several installation methods to permanently secure our grass so it stays where it’s installed, and lasting for 15-20 years without fading. This includes an optional method to maintain the drainage you currently have in the desired area.

Have a pet that need to use it occasionally? That’s OK. Our grass will not stain, or smell, and is specifically requested for use in pet facilities.

We can also create putting greens in these areas as well. Whatever you desire, I can provide.

Create a garden oasis on your balcony, terrace, patio or courtyard. Contact me today to start enjoying your new slice of paradise.

Condominium Courtyard area with FieldTurf Artificial Grass. Great for townhouse and high rise areas too. Green and Clean.Residential Condo terrace with artificial FieldTurf grass. Permanently installed with no fading and 15-20 year lifespan.Residential Condominium Balcony with FieldTurf Grass. Create your own green area. Feels real. Looks real.FieldTurf synthetic grass on condo terraces or balconies create comfortable, durable, realistic looking and feeling gardent areas.FieldTurf artificial grass in residential courtyard. Always green and clean. Feels real and looks real.Artificial grass by FieldTurf in residential courtyard. Maintenance free, with no fading and a 15-20 year lifespan.

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