Pool and Patio Areas

Mandalay Bay Pool with FieldTurf Artificial Grass as deck in cabana area
Mandalay Bay EasyTurf Artificial Grass for Pool Side Deck

Artificial grass for commercial landscape design softens the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment and helps swimming pools to blend more naturally with the surrounding commercial landscape. Artificial grass is also quickly becoming an integral part of commercial pool landscape design.

Commercial Landscape Pool, Patio and Deck Design

Commercial landscape design for pools at resorts, condominiums, community pools, children’s pools, water parks, and apartment complexes can be greatly enhanced with artificial grass for commercial pool landscape design. FieldTurf’s ultra-realistic artificial grass provides a safe, clean, durable commercial poolside landscape for many years.

FieldTurf is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and the 100% permeable backing drains clean. FieldTurf synthetic lawn provides not only beautiful landscape around swimming pools, it also adds a layer of safety to the commercial swimming pool area. The silica sand infill assures a slip-resistant poolside surface to land on.

⇒ Benefits:

  • Easy installation: Installs directly over any poolside hardscape surface flooring without nails or glue to create a soft, commercial pool landscape artificial turf grass solution.
  • Safety: A cushioned surface and gritty silica sand infill make for a slip-resistant commercial poolside surface.
  • Durability: Artificial grass landscaping around commercial pools is designed to last 15-20 years

⇒ Ideal For:

  • Artificial Grass Commercial Swimming Pool Landscaping
  • Artificial Grass Commercial Landscaping Around Swimming Pools
  • Artificial Grass Replacement for Commercial Pool Decks and Patios
  • Artificial Grass Replacement for Commercial Brick Pool Patio

⇒ MaxxFlow: Proprietary Drainage Technology

This proprietary backing exclusive to FieldTurf provides unmatched drainage capacity. Liquids flow through FieldTurf’s integrated MaxxFlow backing at rates ten times higher than other turf backings making for easy clean up.

  • 100% drainage with zero absorption
  • 100% permeable backing eliminates the need for deodorizers and ammonia absorbing additives

Our 16 plus years of installation experience throughout Florida and FieldTurf’s 20+years of manufacturing experience combine to bring you the best synthetic turf product installed by the most experienced synthetic turf company in the Southeast United States.

By switching to FieldTurf you will have a long term solution (15 – 20 years!) for your artificial grass that will always be lush, soft and green, providing a perfect 5 Star appearance for your property.

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