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Commercial Dog Boarding Facility with FieldTurf Artificial Grass. Durable, Clean, and Hypo-Allergenic
Commercial Dog Care Facility with EASYTURF Artificial Grass

Many Doggy Daycares, Dog Boarding Facilities, Animal Hospitals, Humane Societies, SPCA’s, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Shelters and other dog environments have turned to a EasyTurf synthetic turf solution. Contact Ken Holland today so your facility and your dogs can start enjoying EasyTurf Artificial Grass! Clean, Happy Pets = Very Happy Clients.

⇒ Durability

  • No grass loss from dog or foot traffic
  • EasyTurf Artificial Grass is resilient to large and small dogs alike
  • Wear is extremely minimal, natural grass can not compete with our synthetic lawn

⇒ Ease Of Maintenance

  • Much easier to remove solid waste (as compared to live grass)
  • Rapid drainage of liquid waste through the artificial turf without remaining odors
  • Ability to sanitize without discoloration of the artificial turf

⇒ Professional appearance to kennel & doggie daycare clients

  • “State of the Art” translates to revenue growth potential

⇒ The “Clean” Factor

  • Dogs stay clean and so do your home, kennel and/or doggie daycare
  • Humane Societies, Animal Shelters, and Adoption locations have seen more quality time spent with the pets on our artificial grass during the introduction and bonding process
  • Clients picking up their dogs from your facility are happier picking up a clean dog
  • Clean Happy Pets = Very Happy Pet Owner Clients

⇒ Shock Reduction To Animal Joints

  • Playing on FieldTurf artificial grass is easier on the joints of dogs, especially older dogs

⇒ Increased Use

  • With our EasyTurf artificial grass, you are able to allow more dogs to play on the turf simultaneously due to the surface resilience compared to natural grass or mulch

⇒ Elimination Of Pests

  • A FieldTurf artificial grass surface eliminates an environment for insects such as fire ants and underground insect’s nests. While we can’t guarantee that these insects won’t be on the FieldTurf artificial turf at some point, we do know that our fake grass prevents them from nesting in the turf and eliminates the moisture-rich environment that they enjoy with natural grass.

⇒ Elimination of Grass Pollen Allergies

  • FieldTurf eliminates the grass pollens that typically bother dogs with sensitive paws and/or breathing problems.

⇒ Rapid Drainage

  • FieldTurf’s ability to allow as much as 300+ inches of water per hour to drain right through the turf to the drainage sub-base below will allow you to let your dogs go out and play on the FieldTurf almost immediately after a rainfall without the worry of standing water. In areas with exceptionally poor drainage, we can first install a special drainage system underground to help insure the rapid evacuation of liquids.

⇒ Eliminates A Dog’s Urge To Dig Or Eat The Grass

  • One of the most popular questions we get is “Will my dogs dig through the turf or eat it?” Our answer: “No.” Due to the inorganic nature of the FieldTurf grass blades, dogs show no interest in eating them. In fact, an independent Industrial Hygienist’s report showed that the turf posed no hazard (even if they were to eat a stray FieldTurf grass blade!). As for digging, most dogs are attracted to digging in live grass because of what they smell in the ground. By switching to FieldTurf, installed on a crushed stone drainage sub-base, that attractant is virtually eliminated.
FieldTurf for Children and Dogs as Pets at home or business

From homeowners with dogs to owners of pet care facilities with hundreds of dogs every day, our EasyTurf artificial grass is the turf of choice, paws down.

Just a few of the hundreds of animal care facilities that have chosen our EasyTurf Artificial Grass across Florida:

  • Humane Society of Pinellas County
  • Humane Society of the Nature Coast
  • Orange County Animal Services
  • Fuzzie Buddies
  • Bayshore Grooming & Pet Resort
  • Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort
  • St Pete Beach Veterinary Clinic
  • Lodge At New Tampa
  • Animal Hospital & Pet Resort at Southwood
  • Northampton Animal Clinic
  • The Place For Pets
  • Uptown Dog of Winter Park
  • Powers Ferry Animal Hospital
  • Pet Hotel of Woodstock
… and many, many more!

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