Miami Sports Turf Safety Surface

FieldTurf artificial grass is the No. 1 choice for intensively used sports areas in Miami, FL
EasyTurf Artificial Grass for Sports in Miami, Florida

No. 1 Artificial Grass Choice for Miami Sports Clubs

FieldTurf is the leading choice for all sports-surfacing solutions.

FieldTurf is the preferred surface in the NFL, and is widely used among the college and high school ranks for football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey.

As an alternate avenue to grass, statistics show it’s safer, more durable, and cost efficient. Truly the only choice for all your sports-surfacing needs is FieldTurf!

Over 20 NFL teams play or practice on FieldTurf synthetic turf.

Miami, FL Parks & Recreation

  • Installed FieldTurf Artificial Turf surfaces across all regions within North America
  • Multi-purpose and Multi-field complexes
  • Withstands high use and wear
  • Ideal for local club leagues and recreational play
  • Sports at their roots are played at parks and community centers, and FieldTurf proudly provides these venues with world-class surfaces.

Games at the park to little league play enjoy the advantages FieldTurf offers, while improving community life and value of properties. Whatever yours or your community’s needs are, FieldTurf has a solution ready to benefit you.

Artificial Grass Sports Surfacing is Ideal for Miami:

  • Golf Putting Greens Commercial or Residential
  • Lawn Bowling and Bocce Ball Courts
  • Artificial Turf for Horseshoe Pits
  • Croquet Field playing surface.
  • Indoor Sports Facilities for Baseball, Soccer or Golf
  • Batting Cages inside or outside, residential or commercial

Recreational Design Features for Miami Courts & Backyard Games:

  • Omni-directional playability
  • All-weather performance
  • All-season playability maximizes playing time
  • Most accurate, consistent surface
  • Provides ideal court speed and pace
  • Offers the most durable surface available
  • Dramatically improves water conservation
  • Inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Easy, low-maintenance playing surface
  • Perfectly manicured, “fresh-cut” look & feel
  • Unmatched organic sod authenticity
  • Synthetic surface looks for both grass and clay
  • Provides a consistent surface for optimal performance
  • Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries caused by other tennis court surfaces
  • Low-maintenance court surface

Indoor & Outdoor Training Facilities in Miami, FL

  • Cushioned, impact absorbing surface
  • All-weather performance, maximizes playing time
  • Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around performance
  • Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries
  • Contributes to less time lost to injury – compared to natural grass
  • Increases revenue generation potential
  • Offers the most proven, durable and safest product in the industry
  • Dramatically improves water conservation
  • Inherently antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Leading-Edge Miami Playground Safety & Surface Design

Studies Show FieldTurf Synthetic Grass is Safer than Natural Grass

An independent, three-year study of competitive college football showed that when compared to natural grass the FieldTurf system leads to:

  • 74% Fewer Muscle Tears
  • 42% Lower ACL Trauma
  • 32% Fewer Ligament Tears
  • 22% Fewer Severe Injuries
  • 19% Fewer Substantial Injuries
  • 12% Fewer Concussions
  • 10% Less Injury From Shoe Surface Interaction during Contact
  • 8% Less Injury From Shoe Surface Interaction during Non-Contact
  • 7% Fewer Total Injuries

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