GSA Contract

EasyTurf has a General Services Administration Contract
General Services Administration Contract

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

  • GSA Stands for General Services Administration
  • The GSA Schedule is a Giant Supplier Mall for Federal & Military Buyers
  • Various State Agencies, Municipalities, and Regions that have recently been designated as National Disaster Zones can use GSA
  • Some Hospitals and schools that receive Federal Funds can use GSA
  • Contracts are Pre-Vetted & All Products have Fixed Maximum Prices
  • GSA Contracts are primarily Product & Not Service Driven

We’ve been able to assist government agencies across Florida who were able to take advantage of the Federal Government’s pre-negotiated price for our EasyTurf Artificial Grass.

Does your municipality utilize this powerful, money saving program? If so, contact me today and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Applications for Artificial Turf

US Marines insignia made of synthetic turf

Government and Military

⇒ Artificial Grass Benefits:

  • Dramatically improves water conservation
  • Enhances erosion control
  • Improves storm water management
  • Reduced needs for security clearances for turf maintenance staffing
  • Products available on GSA schedule

⇒ Synthetic Grass is Ideal For:

Coast Guard Facility using EasyTurf Synthetic Grass
  • Military Insignias
  • Headquarters beautification & transforming projects
  • Obstacle courses & PT Areas
  • Parade Grounds
  • CDCs & Teen Centers
  • K-9 Units
  • Golf Courses

Multi-use Athletic & Sports Fields

⇒ Artificial Turf Benefits:

EasyTurf grass on a multi use athletic field
  • Maximizes playing time
  • Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around performance
  • Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries
  • Contributes to less time lost to injury – compared to natural grass
  • Increases revenue generation potential
  • Offers the most proven, durable and safest product in the industry


⇒ Synthetic Turf Benefits:

Shoulder for Military Runway using EasyTurf by FieldTurf Synthetic Turf
  • Improve airfield access for rescue and firefighting
  • Stabilize runway and taxiway shoulders
  • Reduces foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Reduced the need for security clearances for field maintenance staff
  • Provides non-lethal wildlife control
  • Enhance visual contrast of runways
  • Reduces bird strike through loss of wildlife habitat

⇒ Synthetic Grass Contributes to:

  • Improved visibility
  • Reduced opportunity for foreign object debris
  • Mitigate risk from wildlife
  • Improve drainage

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