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EasyTurf Artificial Grass LEED Credits are available.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™ represents the U.S. Green Building Council’s effort to provide a national standard for what constitutes a “green building.” It is utilized as a design guideline and certification tool for architects and designers seeking to develop high-performance, sustainable buildings.

LEED is a rating system for New Construction, Major Renovations, and Water Efficiency. It is designed to guide and distinguish high-performance commercial and institutional projects. The rating system defines the requirements, by category, to achieve each prerequisite and voluntary point. Projects earn one or more points toward certification by meeting or exceeding each credit’s technical requirements. Points compute to a final score that relates to one of four possible levels of certification.

LEED Certification for Artificial Grass

⇒ EasyTurf Synthetic Grass can help project teams earn LEED credits

  • LEED® 2009 Certification of New Construction (NC)
  • Core & Shell (CS), Schools, Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EBOM).

⇒ Maximize Open Space:

For LEED NC/CS/Schools projects that apply for SS Credit 2 (Development Density & Community Connectivity), EasyTurf can count towards the hardscape areas of the open space requirements for this credit. This allows projects in an urban location to use synthetic grass instead of, or in addition to, hardscape materials, and helps earn SS Credit 5.2.

⇒ Water Efficient Landscaping:

EasyTurf synthetic grass requires no water for irrigation and places zero demand on potable and non-potable water sources. EasyTurf helps projects earn
  • WE Credit 1 under the LEED-NC/CS/Schools system
  • WE Credit 3 under the LEED EBOM system.

⇒ Recycled Content:

EasyTurf system products – Crumb Rubber, GreenFoam, and PDS tile contain 99% pre-consumer recycled content. Multiply the cost of the product by .495 to determine the final recycled content value applicable. This helps earn MR Credit 4 for LEED NC/CS/Schools projects.

⇒ Landscape Management Plan:

  • EasyTurf is virtually maintenance free and does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides
  • EasyTurf is also 100% recyclable, which eliminates landscape waste.
These qualities enable Field Turf to make a substantial contribution toward LEED EBOM SS Credit 3. LEED Credits available with use of PDS Drain tile system.

Artificial Turf with PDS Tile for Green Rooftops

⇒ Artificial Grass Benefits:

  • Installs directly over any standard flooring without nails
  • Creates a safe, eco-friendly lawn surface year-round
  • Designed to withstand every climate
  • Valuable No need to strengthen roof for natural green roof post construction
  • The PDS tile is installed on the liner and EasyTurf synthetic grass is installed over the tile.
  • Water flows through the turf and tile, and then into the drains

⇒ Synthetic Turf is Ideal For:

  • Green Rooftops
  • Balconies
  • Patio Areas
  • Terraces

LEED Certification for Precision Drainage System (PDS)

⇒ Sustainable Site

  • Credit 5.1: Reduced Site Disturbance; protect or restore open space
  • Credit 5.2: Reduced Site Disturbance; development footprint
  • Credit 7.1: Landscape and Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands; roof
EasyTurf PDS Drain Tile for Fake Grass Installations over hard surfaces

EasyTurf PDS Drain Tile Schematic

⇒ Water Efficiency Credit

  • Credit 1.1: Water Efficient Landscaping; reduce by 50%
  • Credit 1.2: Water Efficient Landscaping; no potable water or no landscaping
  • Credit 2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies
  • Credit 3.1: Water Use Reduction; reduce by 20%
  • Credit 3.2: Water Use Reduction; reduce by 30%

⇒ Materials and Resources

  • Credit 3.1 and 3.2: Resource Reuse; Specify 5% to 10%
  • Credit 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled Content; Specify 25% to 50%
  • Credit 5.1: Local/Regional Materials; 20% Manufactured Locally

⇒ Energy & Atmosphere Credits

  • Credit 1.1–1.5: Optimize Energy Performance; 20–60% New/ 10–50% Existing
Ideal Drainage For:  Rooftops,  Patios, Terraces, and Balconies

Precision Drainage System PDS Tile for Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf

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